1-Create a strategy

Digital technologies reshaped industry after industry. It is not easy to change. If you want to benefit from digital transformation you should plan and plan and plan again. Digital strategy will let you achieve your targets and meet your KPIs.

2-Build Capacity

Build your team+ capabilities. Train them how to use your software and provide technical support. We will offer training programs to enhance their skills at all levels.

3-Your brand is your story

Your brand is not only a Logo. It is your visual identity. Brand elements could tell the story better than words. Brand elements contain icons, fonts, color palettes, vectors, and slogan. Apply your brand on your digital platforms.

4-Software can do it!

Bottom-up planning will help you choose the right software. We will help you develop Mobile Apps & Web Solutions from scratch. We also can make use of Big Data and AI to build digital self-serve technologies.

5-It is all about user experience

The best software is the easiest! Make your website easy and reachable. UI and UX will make your website easier, BUT your website will die if it is in the second page of Google search. Optimize your website for search engines to appear in the first page.

6-Secure your online platforms

Security is not an option. You must protect your website and users’ data. We have qualified bug hunters can discover bugs and solve software problems 24 hours/ day.

7-Market your products digitally

The power of social media is very important, but it is not the only way for digital marketing. You can use email marketing and programmatic advertising to reach your customers easily.

8-Analyze Data

We are at the age of big data. Many businesses depend on big data analysis. We will help you learn how to make use of data to take the right decisions.


Data will help you idintify more business opportunities to grow fast.

PICOOK provides solutions customized to meet your needs

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique experience.
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